Macaroni vs Man Flu

Macaroni vs Man Flu

When man flu strikes, it’s tempting to kick back on the sofa with a bottle of Lucozade and binge watch some Walking Dead, but that’s not very Extreme! Besides, the plan for the day had been to #getoutside in Snowdonia for a nice long walk, with a bit of Scrambling thrown in for good measure.

Fortunately, Weird Fish have just released a new lined version of their Macaroni, giving me the perfect excuse to ditch the duvet and venture out!


Rewind to 1993 when Weird Fish discovered some dormant, circular knitting machines in a factory in Turkey. When brought back to life, they produced a unique fabric with a triple twist in the yarn. The Macaroni fleece was born, named after the pasta it resembled!

Over the years, the Classic Macaroni evolved and saw the addition of Tech and Active versions. In 2014, Weird Fish sold their millionth fleece and they have now developed this new lined version.

I first became aware of the brand in 1998, when I found their wacky and humorous t-shirts on the shelves of a shop called Cult Clothing in Oxford. A couple of years ago I purchased a pair of Weird Fish wellies and I am now grateful for this opportunity to put the new Lined Macaroni to the test.

Weird Fish Lined Macaroni

First Impressions

I opted for the Boyne full zip, fleece lined Macaroni sweatshirt in black iris. To my eye the garment is a very dark blue with contrasting red zips, inside collar and logos. Some of the photos on the Weird Fish website show the sweatshirt with red trim on the sleeves and around the waist, but the one I received did not have this.

The fleece is a reassuring weight, with a real feeling of quality. Opening it up, you can tell that the lining is going to be comfortable and warm. I then noticed the badge on the left sleeve and turning the fleece over, a neatly stitched “WEIRDFISH” in block capitals across the back of the collar. The zips are nicely finished with cord pullers, each one with a rubber fish-bone on the end. So overall first impressions were very good and that this is a smart, comfortable product.

Boyne Lined Macaroni in Black Iris

Materials and Features

The Macaroni fabric gives the sweatshirt a unique appearance and feel compared with other products on the market. One of the advertised features is that the material will never need ironing and I can confirm that it did not crease, despite my best efforts! I did notice that the fabric can pull or snag quite easily, so I would recommend caution around thorns and the like. The sleeve lining is 100% cotton, providing extra comfort.

Weird Fish’s Boyne has a full length zip, with two side pockets of good depth. I initially dismissed the vertical pocket on the left hand side of the chest as impractical, but then found that my Samsung Galaxy fitted perfectly. This makes it a handy place to store a slim device with headphones.

Put to the Test

Now to take the sweatshirt outside and where better to test it out than Snowdonia? Despite feeling like death warmed up, I headed out to Nant Peris for a bit of Scrambling! I wore the Boyne over a t-shirt from Mazeno Clothing and was pleased with the relaxed fit of my Macaroni. It did not appear baggy or loose, and there was still sufficient room for additional layering if required.

I found the material to be lightweight and breathable and it kept me warm throughout the day without over heating. The Macaroni did not restrict my movement and I was able to pull myself up onto shelves and ledges without any difficulty.

Scrambling with the new Lined Macaroni


Although the new Lined Macaroni can’t cure man flu, it will keep you nice and warm if you are stupid enough to venture outdoors! The Boyne is suitable for various activities from a Grade One scramble to a trip down the pub and will be admired for its smart contrasting colours and triple twist fabric.

At £60 the Boyne Lined Macaroni is priced between the Classic and Tech ranges and as such represents good value for money if you are looking for a balance between fashion and function.

Please visit the official Weird Fish website to view the new Lined Macaroni range and other products from Weird Fish.