Red Bull Hardline Event Result

Gee Atherton performing at Red Bull Hard Line in Dinas Mawddwy, United Kingdom on the 10th of September 2015

Red Bull Hardline with Jeep returned to the hills of Mid-Wales this weekend to take on Dan Atherton’s beast of a course that proved to be bigger and more technical than anything ever seen before in downhill mountain biking.

Progression was once again the word on everyone’s lips as the riders spent the majority of the weekend getting used to the huge features and technical elements of the track before setting down qualifying times on Saturday.

Former World Champion Gee Atherton was untouchable on Saturday; setting down the fastest qualifying time ensuring that he was the final rider down the course in the finals, but a tyre mechanical meant that he had to limp down the course leaving Ruaridh Cunningham to take the title.

Speaking of his win, Ruaridh said, “The course was incredibly tough, mentally and physically the toughest I have ever ridden. It was good to see everyone get down safely and I am delighted to take the win”

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Hardline 2015 Race Results

1 Ruaridh Cunningham 3:53.785
2 Joe Smith 3:57.402
3 Bernard Kerr 4:01.035
4 Adam Drayton 4:11.028
5 Reece Wilson 4:15.335
6 Craig Evans 4:20.701
7 Alex Bond 7:47.398
8 Gee Atherton 10:47.941

Hardline 2015 Qualifying Results

1 Gee Atherton 1:33:.242
2 Joe Smith 1:37.055
3 Bernard Kerr 1:38.501
4 Ruaridh Cunningham 1:41.172
5 Reece Wilson 1:44.374
6 Craig Evans 1:44.454
7 Adam Brayton 1:50.469
8 Alex Bond 1:58.876