Facing your fears – Crib Goch

Crib Goch is an epic experience. One not to be taken lightly and we were glad to see that Gareth had some great experienced people around him when he faced his fears to tackle the immense Snowdon ridge.

Check out his Youtube channel for more info and a list of the equipment used.

Excerpt from Gareths youtube page:

So this was a big day.. Id alway wanted to climb the EPIC Crib Goch mountain ridge in Snowdonia, but either the weather or finding an experienced group to join prevented me. I jumped at the chance to join two friends who i knew i could trust, Jack and Kingsley are very experienced and trained mountain guides, so i knew id be in safe hands to finally conquer and hopefully photograph the immensely intimidating Crib Goch. so this vlog is more about conquering a fear than landscape photography but i did manage to get some pic with my Fujifilm x-pro2 and XF16-55mm lens.. i limited myself to just one lens and camera plus my drone so as not to carry too much weight on the mountain. I hope you enjoy the vlog, if your thinking of visiting Crib Goch, or any of the stunning mountains in Snowdonia, please do so you’ll just love it but PLEASE wear suitable clothing, especially shoes!