Snowdon Adventure (video)

We are all to aware of the respect that you need to show to many of the terrains and mountains in North Wales.
But we Stumbled across this great little film by Santiago Pilgrim on youtube.

View his channel here

Here is the excerpt from his post.

After a filming job in Birmingham, we headed over to North Wales for a weekend of adventure. The weather was pretty wild but we enjoyed an epic day out doing one half of the route known as the Snowdon horseshoe. On the way down, we rescued two brothers who were each wearing an old pair of trainers and had no waterproof clothing – hugely inadequate for the conditions on the mountain that day. Despite suffering a slip and fall down a 100m slope, the brothers kept going for the summit. On the way down, they were exhausted, very cold and struggling to even attempt the difficult snowy section on the top of the Pyg track. We wrapped them up with some proper winter clothing and helped them down to the lower slopes. One of them was struggling to even stand up and had to be held up most of the way. We were happy to help two people who were clearly in a difficult situation, but sometimes I wish people would use their common sense and not head up the mountain wearing ridiculous clothing in full winter conditions. Hopefully the two brothers learnt their lesson and they will one day return to the mountains with the right gear and have a much more pleasant experience as a result.