From Novice to International Sailors! Episode 2 – Buying the boat

Episode 2 from the Wildlings Sailing series of films.
We had the privilege of getting to ask Mark a few questions about the adventurous life he and his wife Nadajana are living this week. if you haven’t had a chance to read that yet you can find it here

In this episode the couple narrow their boat selections and put in a couple of offers.
Thinking they are going to end up with a Westerly Berwick, things take a bit of a turn and end up with a 28ft Colvic Searover named “Good Tidings” which they secure for an amazing £5,500
When you look at the extras and overall condition of this boat, you realise what a great deal they have had. Not many of us get our first together home for that do we?

Watch their video below and check back for regular updates but before you do, why not buy them  a croissant for their Journey on thier Ko-FI page