From Novice to International Sailors! Episode 1 – Finding a boat

I think it’s something many of us dream of doing. Walking away from the daily 9 to 5 and taking an adventure on the high seas! Getting back to nature and discovering not just geographical locations, but ourselves!

This couple are living the dream! It’s not all highs of course but they capture some fantastic footage of the British Coast, starting in our very own North Wales, and are honest about their endeavours. 

The Wildlings are passionate about their lives, their goals and their dreams.

With no sailing experience this recently married couple had read about life on the seas, had a vision of buying a boat, travelling, fishing and living life their way!

It’s brave and it’s naive, it’s stupendous and it’s brilliant . . .and I for one find myself jealous of the absolute freedom and control they have over their own lives! often search across social media, youtube and the web in general trying to find interesting people in the North Wales Region to write about and feature, the Wildlings captured our appetite for adventure.

I stumbled across the Wildlings on youtube on a quiet Sunday morning.
The first video I found was their most recent, covering their trip from North Wales to France, but I soon found myself watching their full episodes from episode one . . . . . Sunday morning was soon gone!

I’ve messaged the couple asking if we can do an interview with them and await a response but in the meantime we’re going to serialise their adventures starting here with the Episode 1 of Wildlings Sailing – 4 Liveaboards for less than £10k

In this episode the couple scour North Wales and beyond trying to find the perfect boat to tick all the boxes of requirements. Marks father is experienced with boats and diesel engines so that’s a good start for getting things looked over. . . . the rest of it seems to be based on what Mark and his wife Nadiana have read in books or to be totally honest . . . just feels right to them! (excuse if this is the incorrect spelling of Mrs Wildlings name ,  I can’t find their names written anywhere at the moment!)
Watch their video below and check back for regular updates but before you do, why not buy them  a croissant for their Journey on thier Ko-FI page